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Who We Are:

Brenden Normand, Owner & ISA Certified Arborist 

Hello, I'm Brenden Normand. Early on in life I acquired a love for working. Specifically, I found enjoyment in landscape work from always helping my family out around our yard. My interest in yard work sparked a lot of new learning, both from people in the field, and a lot of self teaching. When I was twelve, I decided to start a business to follow my enjoyment for outdoor work. I love working hard, and I always look forward to seeing a end result of a project. Over the years as I have learned more and more, and I have added a full array of tree services to my business.  I'm always looking forward to meeting new clients and creating relationships. So here I am, twelve years later, and now with high school behind me, I now operate a fully operational landscaping & tree care business servicing residential and commercial properties in Western Mass.