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75' Freightliner Rear Mount Bucket Truck 

Great for work needing multiple setups, insulated for working near powerlines, and more.

87' Easy-Lift Spider Lift 

Unit is a self-propelled track driven unit that can fit through 36" gates and tip toe over septic systems & other sensitive areas.

Bandit Chippers 

Ranging from 18-20" capacities. Both units are equipped with hydraulic winches. Multiple chippers allows us to better serve clients during storms, and limit downtime.

Bobcat MT85 Mini Skid Steer 

Equipped with log grapple, forks, post hole digger, various buckets, and much more. Fits through a 48 inch fence gate, and leaves little to no impact on sensitive lawn areas

Bobcat T595 Track Skid Steer 

For the heavy lifting. From lifting huge logs, planting trees, and spreading woodchips this machine can handle all of the big jobs.

Various F550, Peterbilt Chip & Dump Trucks

On larger tree jobs we can have multiple chip trucks which allows the chipper to keep working, and maximize jobsite efficiency.

Plant Health Care Truck
Our Spray system allows us to spray trees, deep root fertilize, or whatever may be necessary. The truck is also equipped with all of our additional tools to do bark sprays, soil drenching, and trunk injections.

International Rotobec Log Truck

Our log truck allows us to efficiently pickup logs from our day to day tree jobs. In the case of storm cleanup, the truck's robust log loader lifting over 8,000 pounds helps us safely pickup trees off houses, cars, and more.

Rayco RG80 Stump Grinder
Machine is fully remote control allowing the operator to always operate in the safest location while maintaining the best visibility. With the removal of the outer dual wheels, the machine fits through a 36" gate. It also has a dozer blade for spreading piles of chips out.